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1.By sea

Usually, we have wooden  boxes sent  by sea, you will pick up the boxes at the nearest harbor from you or the nearest main city from you. this isthe cheapest way to deliver wooden boxes. At the local shipping agency request, the minimum volume is one cubic meter which costs US$260.00 for United State or Europe, no matter how small it is.

Usually, shipping will take 24-30 days to United State, 30-45 days to Europe.

Here are rough price for shipping costs etc if your location is in United State or Europe

US$620.00 for 1 cubic meter

US$720.00 for 2 cubic meters

US$820.00 for 3 cubic meters


Above prices include shipping costs, loading fee, China customs fee, export documents fee, service fee for local shipping agency, delivery fee for sending documents (B/L, phytosanitary certificate, invoice) only. Unloading fee, your local customs fee and those expense can not be paid on our end are not included.

2.By air

Sending wooden boxes by air is available, if you need the boxes urgently. but the price will be very expensive, at least , it will be higher than the price of boxes.  

3. By post office If your order is pretty small (max is 2 package), we  can send you the boxes via post office. it will take within 12 days by air mail,  within 25 days by ordinary mail, you will pick up the wooden boxes at your local post office. 

4. By FedEx, or DHL Usually, we only send prototypes or samples via FedEx or DHL , you have to pay the delivery fee, unless there is an agreement between us. if you ask prototype or sample, please provide your global FedEx account, so that we can ask freight collect payment

5.How to pick up the boxes

You can find information of a shipping agency near from your location stated on B/L, You will be informed when the boxes arrive , also you can ask them if the boxes arrive, you can pick up boxes personally or you can ask your local shipping agency any service if available, of course, you have to pay the service fee. 

6.How much we should pay for Customs entry charge in USA

$85.00 per BL

Duty is free if it is under 4415.10.30.00
Duty is 3.2% if it is under 4420.90.80
(Customs will make the final decision)

Bound: If you have annual bond, then you don't have to pay. Annual bond cost: $450.00/annual.
If you don't have annual bond, $5.00 per $1000.00 invoice value




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