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Order Information


We always offer custom-made wooden boxes, so we don't have any price list, prices are related with the size of the box, design of the box, the number  of the order, larger order is much cheaper than small order.

We need box information below  from you so that we will provide you a quotation

1.internal dimensions of box or external dimensions of box.


3.Finishes, unfinished? varnished? or stained (color)?

4.lining (color)

5.Logo, screen printing? burn stamp? bronzing?

6.Destination of shipment or where is your location.

   Etc if any such as handle, specific hinges, specific clasps.


Box style

Any design of boxes are available, We need the information of box style you prefer from you such as

hinged top, sliding top. adapter top, finger joint,45 degree glue joint, etc.

Usually we use 10MM (rough  0.4 inches) solid natural wood board for the sides of boxes and 3MM ply wood for the top and bottom of the box if they are not indicated.

If you can, please send us photo or any drawing of the box you prefer, and if you can, please send us the a box you already have or the stuff  will be placed in the box that will be very helpful.


Purchase Order.

We need Purchase Order with your signature from you when you decide to place an order with us. Once we receipt of your P.O. the boxes will be arranged to be made immediately.



We need 50% deposit prior of making boxes and balance will be wire transferred upon delivery of boxes.

Once we receipt of your deposit ,the boxes or prototypes will began to be made immediately.



Usually, at least 3 prototypes will be made before lots boxes are made unless you don't need prototypes. one of prototypes will be sent to you via FedEx or DHL, you will pay the delivery fee unless we have the agreement between us. we prefer you have an account with FedEx or DHL so that we can ask freight collect payment.

If you feel uncomfortable with that you wire the deposit before placing the order, the prototype is available too, but we need US$50-US$100 for the prototypes and delivery fee via airmail, unless you are placing the re-order or we have an agreement between us.



Wooden boxes will be packed in carton boxes, the size are custom made, we don't use standard carton packing boxes. usually the price are in the quotation.


Time of shipment

Mostly it will take take 15 days to make 100-1000 ordinary boxes, 20 days to make 2000-5000 ordinary boxes, 30 days to make 10000 -30000 ordinary boxes (times for making  prototypes is not included), and take another 5-7days to arrange shipment.


Time of delivery

Mostly it will take 24-28 days to deliver boxes for USA, 35-40 days for Europe by sea. any main destination seaport ( any boat transferring  or land transportation are not needed) is much sooner.

If everything we do are smoothly, you can receive the boxes with 40 days after receipt of you deposit.


Port of shipment

Xingang Seaport China by sea

Beijing Airport China by air.


Common Documents

1.Bill of Lading

2.Phytosanitary Certificate


4.Packing List

Usually we can have all documents within 7 days after shipment is made. we will send you all documents to you via FedEx.




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